Brazilian Style: Bold & Chic !

As a follow up to 'The Best of Brazilian Jewellery and Fashion Evening' that happened last month, CARLA Personal Styling hosted intimate sessions for small groups of women who wished to learn more about how to make the Brazilian Bold & Chic Style work for them.

The event took place at the stunning Far East Organisation Inessence show apartment where guests received styling tips by Carla Snajder on how to enhance their personal style by dressing for their body shape & choosing flattering colours. 

Guests also received one-on-one advice when choosing and combining their accessories.

Showcases included jewellery from Brazilian designers based in Singapore, Sandra Sato, Sandra Milao, Carla Vaz & famous swimwear brand Lenny Niemeyer.

Special thanks to Ipanema Nail Salon, the place of choice of the Brazilian community in Singapore, for offering manicures using colours from "OPI Brazilian Collection" and relaxing hand massages to our guests.


Posted on November 5, 2014 .