Hostess Rewards


As a thank you our hostess receive:


- HK$ 200 Gift Card

- Extra HK$ 50 Gift Cards for every HK$ 500 your party totals.


You will also enjoy:

- 50% discount on 1 item of your choice.

- Additional 1 item with 50% discount for every HK$ 5,000 totalled.


Hostess Booking Bonus

- If any of you or any of your guests book another party you will receive an additional HK$200 Gift Card, redeemable when the next party is held.



 - ** On average our hostess earn over $ 1,000 in free jewellery

plus 2 half price items.







Style Lounge

Room 303

3/F Lam's Building 

6-10 Kau U Fong Street

Central, Hong Kong

+852 25217128

*by appointment